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sfgd028 – Dr Hook & Smokie



Dr Hook & Smokie

1. Sexy Eyes, Dr Hook
2. When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman, Dr Hook
3. Only Sixteen, Dr Hook
4. Sweetest Of All, Dr Hook
5. Sharing The Night Together, Dr Hook
6. If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body, Dr Hook
7. A Little Bit More, Dr Hook
8. Better Love Next Time, Dr Hook
9. Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone, Smokie
10. Oh Carol, Smokie
11. Living Next Door To Alice, Smokie
12. Mexican Girl, Smokie
13. Only You, Smokie
14. I’ll Meet You At Midnight, Smokie
15. Be My Baby, Smokie
16. Day Dreamin, Smokie

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