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LG179 – Celine Dion #2


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Celine Dion #2

  1. 1.I Drove All Night
  2. 2.I’m Alive
  3. 3.Love Can Move Mountains
  4. 4.It’s All Coming Back To Me Now
  5. 5.Have You Ever Been In Love
  6. 6.Then You Look At Me
  7. 7.If Walls Could Talk
  8. 8.The First Time Ever I Saw Your face
  9. 9.I Drove All Night (Dance Remix)
  10. 10.I Know What Love Is
  11. 11.That’s The Way It Is
  12. 12.I’m Your Angel
  13. 13.A New Day Has Come
  14. 14.My Heart Will Go On (Dance Remix)
  15. 15.The Power Of The Dream
  16. 16.God Bless America
  17. 17.At Last
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