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JTG328 – Hairspray & Thoroughly Modern Millie

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Hairspray & Thoroughly Modern Millie

  1. Good Morning Baltimore/(Hairspray)
  2. Mama I’m A Big Girl Now/(Hairspray)
  3. I Can Hear The Bells/(Hairspray)
  4. It Takes Two/(Hairspray)
  5. Welcome To The 60’s/(Hairspray)
  6. Good Morning Baltimore (Reprise)/(Hairspray)
  7. Cooties/(Hairspray)
  8. You Can’t Stop The Beat/(Hairspray)
  9. Not For The Life Of Me/(Thoroughly Modern Millie)
  10. Thoroughly Modern Millie/(Thoroughly Modern Millie)
  11. Jimmy/(Thoroughly Modern Millie)
  12. Forget About The Boy/(Thoroughly Modern Millie)
  13. I Turned The Corner/(Thoroughly Modern Millie)
  14. Long As I’m Here With You/(Thoroughly Modern Millie)
  15. Gimme Gimme/(Thoroughly Modern Millie)
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