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day7001d – Praise & Worship – Vol. 5

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Praise & Worship – Vol. 5

  1. Beautiful Savior Casting Crowns
  2. Beautiful Savior (w/ Lead Vocal) Casting Crowns
  3. Give You The Glory Praise & Worship
  4. Give You The Glory (w/ Lead Vocal) Praise & Worship
  5. Holy Is The Lord Tomlin, Chris
  6. Holy Is The Lord (w/ Lead Vocal) Tomlin, Chris
  7. My Savior, My God Shust, Aaron
  8. My Savior, My God (w/ Lead Vocal) Shust, Aaron
  9. Who Rescues Me Praise & Worship
  10. Who Rescues Me (w/ Lead Vocal) Praise & Worship
  11. You Are My King Phillips, Craig & Dean
  12. You Are My King (w/ Lead Vocal) Phillips, Craig & Dean
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