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PSCD1147 – Meet The Flintstones


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Meet The Flintstones

  1. Meet The Flintstones/The B-52’s
  2. Rock With The Caveman/Big Audio Dynamite
  3. I Showed A Caveman How To Rock/Us3-Def J
  4. Walk The Dinosaur/Was Not Was
  5. Bedrock Anthem/Yankovic, Weird Al
  6. I Wanna Be A Flintstone/Screaming Blue Mes
  7. In The Days Of The Caveman/Crash Test Dum
  8. Human Being (Bedrock Steady)/Stereo MC’s
  9. Hit & Run Holiday/My Life With The T.K.K.
  10. The Bedrock Twitch/The B-52’s

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